Friday, October 22, 2010

Scraps, Free Blocks and Stampin' Up

I went to a Stampin' Up party yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed myself while making a card (Please note the gorgeous mini library clip on the tag!) Some how managed to glue some bits on back the front but what the heck. I went with every intention of ordering some punches but somehow I ended up ordering another stamp set (of course). They have some fabulous sets and when I win Lotto I'll buy them all.

Stampin' Up Christmas card

Another thing I've managed to do is make the first block of my scrap quilt. Yay! One down and who knows how many to go.

First scrap block

The Janome shop 'Free Block Frenzy' Block Number 4 was another thing crossed off my To Do list There are another six blocks to go and I think it will look pretty good when it's finished.

Block # 4.

I'm glad I finished it on time because tomorrow is take and show day in order to receive my next free pack. I did cut it a bit fine. It's also patchwork day at my local group, Port Curtis Patchwork, so it promises to be a busy day.

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