Monday, October 11, 2010

More Scraps

My collection of squares and rectangles continues to grow. I was up at 6.30 am. this morning, started cutting straight away, and had a nice little pile by breakfast time.

Up until now I've been cutting up my collection of charm squares, but needed more lights (512 for an 8 block x 8 block quilt) so it was time to tackle my lights scrap box.

Scraps from the box

 What a mess

Why oh why didn't I trim those scraps as I went, instead of just stuffing them in the box! Now I'm being quite ruthless and any scrap smaller than 2" goes in the rubbish.

 The overflow

Some of the scraps brought back memories. The scraps (above) were trimmed from the end of the strip pieced set used in my 'Hidden Wells' quilt. I made this at my second Retreat (1997) in a Joyce Carter workshop. It's still one of my favourite quilts.

 Hidden Wells

 Since g.g.s. Zachary has now returned home I have had to clean up my mess and will have to be more organised. :-0

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