Monday, March 30, 2009

Todddlers and the end of peace & quiet.

At the moment our eldest daughter is caring full time for her grandson (our great grandson), Zach. Last year she moved home for emotional and physical support. So our once peaceful existence has been invaded by a beautiful 14 month old boy, full of energy, mischief and occasional temper tantrums. How I managed to raise 7 children, I'll never know. It's exhausting trying to keep up with him. Of course I was younger then (a lot younger!). But having a toddler in the house certainly brightens up the day, although it means I have less time for crafting. I have managed to do a little bit of work on my year quilt (that's 2007) that I started with Southern Cross Quilters/Year Quilt internet group. It's all hand stitched hexagons, and I have now almost finished work on my March block. The project involves keeping a diary for a year, and choosing an 'eye spy' fabric to represent something from each day. You can choose any pattern you like for your quilt. I may not be up to date with my blocks yet, but I did manage to keep my diary for the whole of 2007, so I'm able to refer back to it any time.

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