Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Operations & Independence

Well my hip replacement operation has come and gone (as well as two months), and what a difference it has made. One day after the operation, they had me out of bed and walking, using a frame. Where I expected there to be a lot of pain, there was none (just the tenderness around the incision). Six weeks after the op I was off to a patchwork retreat for five days. Although my hip gave me no problems, I did overdo it a little in the walking department. My feet just weren't used to having to do so much, and I had to retire to bed where my wonderful friends waited on me hand & foot (ha ha). I am recovered now and I am walking just using one crutch, soon to be just a walking stick. It's fantastic to have my independence back. I went to patchwork on Saturday (first time since op) which was really great. Today I went shopping at my local scrapbook shop (also first time since op) for some supplies to do an off the page project for a 'Girls Night In', on Saturday night. Should be a fun night as well as helping a good cause.

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