Wednesday, July 9, 2008

U.F.O.'s or Works not in Progress

I've decided to post a U.F.O. of the month, every month until I run out (which should take a while).
This might embarrass me into finishing a few things, though I doubt it. If the ridicule of my friends doesn't make me, then nothing will.
The first quilt is Burgundy Beauty, which started out on the 29/3/03, yes that's right, 2003!(Wait, I have much older ones than that, but that's for another time).
It was designed and taught by my clever and talented friend, Lorraine McMahon, as mystery quilt no. 8. on the SCQuilters mystery quilt group. I really like it, and one of these day's I will finish it.
I have spent all morning trying to customize this darn blog, but what a complicated thing it is. I would like to be able to see all of my spinning cube at the same time. It shows some of my challenge pages from my local scrapbook shop-Scrapbook Fantasies.
Why can't computers be simple?

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Myléne Hillam said...

Your Burgundy quilt is a beauty - just love the strong colour contrast!
And I love that you're guilting (or is that quilting?!!) yourself into completing all your UFOs. What a great challenge - one a month! I have UFO's too.... and I should probably take a leaf out of your book!