Thursday, June 23, 2011

miss you card

I tried to post last night but Blogger was a bit tempermental and wouldn't let me upload photos.
Using a previous Outlawz sketch challenge, I made this card for my daughter just to let her know how much I miss her. She moved back home with us three years ago to complete her university studies. At the time she needed a little extra help because she's also caring full time for her 3 year old grandson, Zachary. Last month she graduated Bachelor of Psychology. It was a very proud moment that she has worked extremely hard for.

 i miss you

 Zachary and Rabby


 March to the Auditorium

Now that she's finished her studies she and Zach have moved back to Brisbane which has left a bit of a gap in my life.


Delo said...

Beautiful card. I am sorry about your daughter and grandson moving away again. That is so hard we went through that with my oldest son and two grandchildren. When they left, after living with us for two years was probably the saddest moment of my life.

Linda Palmer said...

Beautiful card. Love the colors and the image. Beautiful coloring. So sorry they moved but congrats on her finishing her education.