Saturday, December 19, 2009

Double Trouble

We had a little visitor last week, and boy did he keep us on our toes. Noah, our oldest great grandson, came to stay for several days. He is 5 months older than Zachary, our other great grandson(who lives with us). Noah was born in July 2007, and Zach on 1st Nov 2007. They had a great time together, but they have completely different personalities. Noah is very outgoing, needs lots of attention and is a real ham. Zach is a little quieter and is often happy to play on his own. They are both absolutely gorgeous ( I know, I'm biased). Zach used to call me Grammy, but this has gradually changed to Mammy (makes you feel like bursting into song, doesn't it?), so now this is what Noah calls me.

Noah and Zachary

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