Sunday, June 28, 2009

Goodbye June, Hello July

 I thought I should find the time to touch base before the end of June, because I haven't been here since the beginning of May. Since then I have taken two of my grandchildren to Brisbane to spend a couple of days with their Auntie. We took two cars to fit in the six of us (Myself, two daughters, two g.children and one great g.son). I had to follow my daughter to the other side of Brisbane (actually, roughly 100 kms the other side to Ormeau), We crossed the Gateway bridge 3.30pm Friday afternoon in what seemed to be peak hour! I have to say I was terrified driving between two large trucks, trying to keep on my daughter's tail and not get lost. I found out when we arrived that my right indicator wasn't working. This explains why people weren't happy when I changed lanes. lol. We had a lovely time, visiting Harbour Town (Oh those shops!), Sea world (Polar bears and dolphins, :-). sharks, :-0), the kids went to the Hyperdome but I stayed home and had a much needed rest. Of course Zach (g.g son) stayed home with me but slept the whole time. I did have a great time and surprised myself by handling all the walking at Sea world surprisingly well since I still can't walk smoothly (after hip replacement), but sure was glad to be home again. I'm off to check in with some of my internet groups now, but I will try to be back again before the end of June.


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